Two filament end sensors

Sorry but my English is not that good anymore so I let the text translate from Google.
To my question I have the CTC BIZER 1 with two extruders now I would like very much that the plunging interrogates both sensors and if one or both are to end it should pause in which plugin inst this already considered.
Even if there are more sensors, what can you do?

I was considering adding a second extruder to my own Robo C2 printer. The stock filament sensor switch on the back honestly wasn't working from the factory and they appeared to have disabled the filament sensor runout plugin.

So in my thoughts to upgrade the printer, I designed a filament runout switch combination which put both switches inline to each other. (There isn't a photo there of the wiring so I'll find one...)

Procedurally then, if you aren't using one of the spools, just park a spare L-shaped bit of filament into the unused side so that the switch remains closed.

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Thank you is very easy

I am sure this will work for many uses, but doesn't provide enough information to allow automatic swapping to a different reel if one runs out.

I have just published a dual-sensor bracket for the CTC Dual printer (and I think it will also fit the Bizer)

But accept that to make full use of it it will be necessary to do some work on the plug-in.

In this case, you probably wouldn't want to connect both switches in serial to a single GPIO pin on the Raspberry. This doesn't allow you to ask the question "has spool one run out of filament?"

In this case, you'd need a custom fork of one of the existing filament runout plugins, add a completely separate GPIO pin for the second switch and then incorporate some interesting behavior if what you want to happen is to swap-on-runout (which you didn't mention before now).

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