UI Customizer theme: Discoranged

The awesome and very talented @jneilliii has created a version of his awesome Discoranged theme for my plugin, UI Customizer.

Feedback and ideas are always welcome.



Feel free to post any potential issues here and I'll get them fixed up. Already have a small fix for the tab hover effect so it doesn't hide the tab names with blobs of Orange, awaiting merge.

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It does look good !!

But could I ask you how you show the thumprint of the models on the side ? I have not found it in the addon lists

Cura or Prusa Slicer thumbnails plugins.

I use the Cura slicer v4.9.0

There are two options here. You can use Cura Thumbnails plugin in OctoPrint and then slice and upload ufp formatted files, or use Cura's post processing script Create Thumbnail (new in 4.9) to add the thumbnail to your gcode file and use the PrusaSlicer Thumbnails plugin in OctoPrint.

Thanks ... sorry I clearly need to buy new glasses ... I just didn't see it :smiley: