UI feature request

Is it possible to control the number of plugins displayed in Settings\Plugin Manager? Ihave DPI set to 125% so that may cause the problem but I have two scrollbars and have to slide both to see "Get More.." No problem functionally but visually kinda clunky.


Inner scrollbar max down

Outer scrollbar max down

You might be able to utilize Themify to control the height of the containing div. The identifier would be #settings_plugin_pluginmanager_pluginlist. A quick test seems to work in the developer console.


produces this

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Hey thats nice, Sorry to be dim but how do I set that.

Install Themify, then in its settings, enable customization and add the information like this in the advanced options section..

Selector CSS-Rule Value
#settings_plugin_pluginmanager_pluginlist height 100px