Unable to add the Octoprint Anywhere plugin

I am a genuine noobe and I have been unable to add the plugin Octoprint Anywhere via the Install Plugins Respository using either the button or using the URL provided on the information page: "https://github.com/kennethjiang/OctoPrint-Anywhere/archive/master.zip"

The following is returned regardless of how the plugin installation was attempted:

Installing plugin "OctoPrint Anywhere" from https://github.com/kennethjiang/OctoPrint-Anywhere/archive/master.zip...Error!Could not install plugin, unknown error, please consult octoprint.log for details

Being new I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.

Do it the easy way:

Go to OctoPrint Settings -> Plugin Manager -> click Get More... -> type in Anywhere in the search field.
You see OctoPrint Anywhere. Click Install.

Thanks Ewald, I have tried that method and adding the correct URL to the URL selection option. The results were the same warning message “could not install ...”

Btw what’s your call sign as I’m a ham as well. W5CDR

Take care

Hello fellow ham. My call is DL2YBB.

vy 73!

Well... I retried loading through my iPad and I was successful! My Mac couldn’t load it, go figure.

The video feed came right up but the “printer statur” box simply keeps spinning. I’ve rebooted the Octopi Print wirh no improvements. Any suggestions?

Third reboot is the charm. Everything is up and running. WOW

Take care,


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Sometimes the hardware needs a hit in the neck :wink: Have fun with it.