Unable to connect to OctoPrint by specifying port in JS library

A BAD REQUEST error occurs when trying to connect to OctoPrint with the code below. Looking at the caught error, it was responseJSON: {error: 'port is invalid'}. from a web browser displays the GUI normally. Can you guess what's wrong?

Client = new OctoPrintClient({
baseurl: '',
apikey: serverApikey,

From what kind of environment are you trying to run this code?

I am not sure where in OctoPrint I would find an error message for the port being wrong, I am surprised to see that.

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Dear Charlie Powell

Thank you for your reply.
sorry. It was due to my careless mistake.

After much research, the Promise on OctoPrintClient.connection.connect failed and the responseJSON was {Error: 'Invalid port'}. I just didn't connect the 3D printer to the serial port.
I'm embarrassed, I'm sorry.