Unable to setup Twilio


I have been unable to receive an SMS using the Twilio plug-in. I have verified my number with Twilio, and have sent txt messages from my phone. Can anyone tell me what beginner setup steps I may have missed?


I'm a developer on that plugin. You put your SID, token, 'from', and 'to' in the config? Share any log entries, I bet that'll explain it.


Thank you. I appreciate the help. Can you advise where to find the logs on a Rasoberry Pi?


Here ya go: https://discourse.octoprint.org/t/where-can-i-find-octoprints-and-octopis-log-files/299

Share the config (remove your token) and some of the logs that look relevant.


That was a great exercise...now I know how the log files work...

And turns out, when I cut and pasted the credentials, I inadvertently inserted a leading space...take out the space and it works flawlessly now.


@tedder42 Tedder, are there plans to add additional notifications to SMS Notifier? My use case is notifications when the printer stops to ask me to change the filament for a new color. .


Sure- other events have to be picked up. Do you know the event info it sends?