Unattended-upgrade blowup

I found the card running octoprint lockup up tight at 3am. unattended-upgrade had run and changed something octoprint was using.

We need a way to prevent that for long running jobs, like making 6 of something on a souped up, and soon to be even more souped up ender5+. Octoprint is estimating around 20 days. Big part, full of gyroid infill which is slow as its 3d at heart.

So we need a flag the rest of the system can see, that exists only when octoprint is actually working on a job. From that, we can write a script that on finding the flag, quietly exits. or runs the unattended -upgrade thing if the flag is not found. And have cron run this wrapper instead of the update. Can something like this be done?

Thanks all.

Cheers, gene.

I don't know what unattended-upgrade is, but you could write a script to query OctoPrint's API to get the current print job status.


OctoPrint does not update/upgrade on its own.
An update/upgrade of OctoPrint is always initiated by the user.
The same is for the plugins.

This is true, but is zero protection for the underying system. I've printed the link from Charlie, which seems to be avle do do wgat I need axcept I don't see an example she-bang that cron could run like a bash script.

OTOH, Felix Miata replied on the debian list that the problem utility was probably written by a winders user, and is best purged from a linux system, which may be the best advice yet. I normally chose a quiet time and do that upgrade several times a week as I play the part of the caged canary in the coal mine for
linuxcnc, which it looks like might be part of debian a/o bookworm going live. But that will be a frozen version, and I normally run master on all 4 of my machines. So they get updated 3-7 times a week. ;o)>

Thanks a bunch.

Cheers Gene

Not sure what some of that techno babble is about, but this may be of some use for you as well. GitHub - UserBlackBox/octoprint-cli: Command line tool for controlling your OctoPrint 3D printer server and using the command and pipe the output of octoprint-cli print status to a txt file via cron.

Thank you, but this looks like major overkill for what I need. At this hour of the night, approaching 3 am here, my major concern will be feeding another roll of filament to it as it uses up the last of this roll at about 6% done. Sometime in the next 3 hours or so. I've a broken filament detector, and its led is working but doesn't seem to bother marlin, possibly plugged into the wrong port. Documentation on this printers motherboard is a big secret. One of the reasons I hope to have an octopus pro high voltage board running it by the first of the year. Ditto for a tronxy-400-pro with zero help from tronxy. A CF X transport is also in the planning stages for both. This job is part of a major production project, and octoprint is now saying 9 days, but 10mm up, it turns 75% hollow so will be done faster than that. Basically I'm trying to get saleable product while China is delivering parts by rowboat and oxcarts. Thank you for the idea though, I do appreciate it.

Take care and stay well.

Cheers, Gene.

BTW: On what system are you running OctoPrint on?

Armbian on a 6 yo rock64 v2. works fine except for horrible video interference with usb traffic.
I killed unattended-updates, restarted job, running fine. 25+ hours in, 11% done. Big, bulky job. 8.5 days left. Rock64's originally purchased in 2016 to run an 80 yo Sheldon 11x54 lathe but was not able to find an spi driver. A Swedish Prof wrote one for a pi3b, still works fine with a pi4b. I have new banana-pi's, 4 of them to eventually replace the rock64's but they didn't come with any accessories, like power cords. Only place to get them is aliexpress, but there is nothing express about their shipping, so expected delivery is mid December. Grrrrrrr In the meantime I've got work to do. I've 3g's in hot ends looking for one that Just Works with PETG's temps and its looking like Creality's new Spider might be the winner. All goto 300C, one goes to 500C. I've a 70- watt heater in the 300C version in a 4 wheel carriage made of PETG+CF on this ender5+ and its running fine at 225mm/sec. Stock is 60mm. But I need faster than that for production work.. High voltage drivers and main boards are in boxes. Frames being triangulated, hope to get 1500mm+ speeds eventually. And OctoPrint is part of this picture.

Take care & stay well.

Cheers, Gene

Install PrintTimeGenius plugin, you'll get far better estimates and print completion stats in the web interface.

Yeah, you can do the exact same thing with the correct API command via curl, was just trying to help you out with a simpler solution if you weren't familiar with how to do that.