Understanding Basic Plugin Development Concepts

Hello All,
I'm very much a beginner with minimal understanding of Python. That said, I've been able to follow the Hello World plugin tutorial (Plugin Tutorial — OctoPrint master documentation) with mediocre success... some things work some thing don't...

I am hoping someone can clarify a few things by going through the following example. After countless hours spent on this, do I understand correctly that if I have:

 __init__.py in `/plugin_dir/OctoPrint/OctoPrint-Plugin/`

and ​

​plugin_navbar.jinja2 in `/plugin_dir/OctoPrint/OctoPrint-Plugin/templates` 

then I should be able to run

octoprint dev plugin:new plugin

which will install my plugin and upon restart, I should be able to see the link in my jinja file in the octoprint navbar?

Here are my files:

init.py --> __init__.py - Pastebin.com
plugin_navbar.jinja2 --> plugin_navbar.jinja2 - Pastebin.com

Have I misunderstood or missing something?

Thank you in advance

octoprint dev plugin:new plugin_identifier

this command will actually generate a full plugin structure with folders and setup.py, etc. You go through the wizard and then in the folder that is created you will see an __init__.py, and the templates folder.

I'm sorry I misspoke. I meant to say, with the two files mentioned above in original post, if I run:

 octoprint dev plugin:install

would that do it for me? Would my plugin be installed and the link show up in the navbar?

I'm pretty sure that install process assumes you used the new command to create the infrastructure, as it is just running pip install -e . from the folder that you are currently in, and if you don't have setup.py I don't think that will work.