Understanding octoprints terminal output

Hello, I am new to this forum and have searched extensively but cannot find how to interpret the output in the terminal window of octoprint. The gcode file that is used has commands like "G28 X0 Y0", but the terminal window shows: "Send: N43823 G28 X0 Y0*28".
I understand that the Nx part is the command number, then the command itself but what is the meaning of the *28 at the end?
Just curious. Thanks

Hello @Jan_Gerene!

The N43823 and the *28 both belong to the Gcode transfer protocol

  1. The line number Naaaa to keep track of the line, if a line is not received properly by the printer
  2. And the Checksum *bbb to check if the line was received correct.

More to this here:
Further information here:

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Thanks for the information! Now it makes sense to me. Also thanks for the links about the communication protocol. This was just the information I was looking for.

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