Unwanted dark gray theme even at default of UI Customizer

Hi, I have UI Customizer and themify. After installation, the background seems to be dark grey theme. I changed to Cosmo and rebooted but the theme does not change. Tried the Default with white background theme and rebooted the Pi but again there is no change. What shall I do?

Themeify and UI Customizer may compete against each other. Try disabling Themeify and see if that fixes it. UI Customizer has options in the advanced section to have custom css similar to Themeify.

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Thank you. Problem solved after disabling Themeify. Last time I had both did not have problem. I was able to get some colorful stuffs but not anymore. Don't remember the theme I used. Right now, out of the 11 themes, besides dark and white background, they look the same. Are there good sites where we can download more themes especially colorful ones?

The only ones I know of are the ones that are listed to select from. I'm sure @Laze wouldn't mind getting additional themes added by others. It's fairly easy, I ported over my discoranged theme from themeify.


Thank you.

Yes feel free to contribute. I'm currently on a bit pause for a couple of weeks. But will return with more