Up for adoption: Autoselect, DisplayProgress, Growl, MQTT, Pushbullet


Since I haven't been able to give some of those plugins I maintain in parallel to OctoPrint the attention they need for quite a while now, mostly thanks to regular OctoPrint maintenance and development eating up all of my work hours, I'm looking for new maintainers for the following plugins:

They are all pretty much low maintenance, but do get the occasional bug report that should be looked into (and preferably faster than I've been able to do myself the past couple of months ;)). There are also some open feature requests on some of them should you be looking for something to do :wink:

Would be great if someone could adopt them, it would be a shame if they stay as neglected as they are admittedly now. Maybe someone of you who already has a bit of plugin development and maintenance experience might be interested? If so please speak up in the linked adoption tickets and then let's take it from there :slight_smile: