Update not finish

Hello following a crash I have reloaded optprint on a new sd card I am in 1.3.12 and I cannot upgrade to 1.15.12
my log file is very chatty though, but I don't understand. Thank you

octoprint(1).log (155.8 KB)

Part of the problem is you power supply for the pi isn't proper. Lots of undervoltage errors. Get a proper pi power supply then try again

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hank you the problem remains unchanged I unplugged the camera to reduce the load and I do not have an under voltage alert

below new log
octoprint(1).log (11.3 KB) plugin_softwareupdate_console(1).log (3.6 KB)

From the looks of it you are already on 1.5.2....?

it's a good remark I loaded the last octoprint image which displays 1.3 and it suggests that I upgrade to 1.5 so I think it's not the last, on the other hand my raspberry has broken down now and I 'wait for a new one in return to continue, but I do not think that the impossibility of upgrade is linked to the raspberry 3 B with a 32 GB card (for info)

Everything is back to normal after my raspberry broke down, the new one works wonderfully and all went well with the same handling.
Thank you