Updated and now cannot connect

I was up and running and went to latest RPi image and now I cannot connect to my MP Flashforge Creator.

Attached is the log and not sure how to get it to see the printer.octoprint.log (116.5 KB)

Hi @Brad_Patterson,

for this is a serial port connection problem, the serial.log would be quite helpful.

OK here it is.serial.log (1.6 KB)
serial (1).log (2.5 KB)
octoprint (2).log (1.9 MB)

Ok, please activate your serial log.

The logs are attached....
If there is a specific log please state the log that you think has the data you seek.

Have you tried the plugin mentioned here: https://discourse.octoprint.org/t/does-octoprint-support-makerbot-or-flashforge-printers/213

Yes I did and have been using OP for years!

Come to find out that the main board appears to have died.

That is bad news. Maybe a firmware update still works and brings it to life again.