Updated instructions for latest PyCharm?


Hey there,

Just curious as to development instructions in the new PyCharm version. I'm assuming that when setting up the Project Interpreter we now have to select /Octoprint/venv/bin/python2.7 to keep within our virtual environment (it also seems like it is selected by default)? Or is there a different way I'm supposed to be doing this?



I'm confused. What's outdated about the existing docs?

Haven't set up a new IDE in a while (just keep updating my existing instances), has anything changed that relates to the selection of the venv in the second step?


A lot of it the instructions are already taken care of for you, and a few of the options are no longer there, mainly adding the local interpreter. I'll do a set up again in a day or two but it's honestly not too difficult if you take a second to understand how PyCharm works (I didn't have any experience so I was lost for a bit)