Updating of the OctoPi OS?

Hi All,

Is it necesasry/advisable to update the OctoPi OS from time to time?
I know that OctoPrint itself should be updated, but I am not sure about the actual OS ...
My main concern is that updating the OS may break something...


@guysoft would probably be the best person who could answer this.

I myself don't really run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade on the Raspi in my printer since I have some slight fear that something might break as a result. I imagine that foosel's standard upgrade path is already managed.

The only time I do break out of this stance is if I'm developing something outside of his/her toolpath like NodeJS or Kivy, for example.

It would be important not to use the sudo rpi-update since that does a git pull from the next branch of the Raspbian code by default. I've had that "brick" my Raspi in the past by taking out the tcp stack in that case, for what it's worth.

The issue is that the raspebrrypi foundation do what ever they like with no guarantee for backwards compatibility.
So although you could upgrade using the classic Debian channels and rpi-update for the firmware, we have no way to guarantee that it would still work. And since they can break stuff after we release, there is no way for us to prepare in advance.

In general it should work, but I have no way to prepare in advance.
Our way to work around this is to have the config in OctoPrint work so you could backup and restore to a newer version of OctoPi if things go bad.

Believe it or not, sudo apt-get upgrade actually upgrades the firmware on the Raspi. I've confirmed this.

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