Upgrade Image to Buster latest?

Hello everybody..

Is ist planded to update the Install Image to actual Buster?
The Image now supports no boot from USB, but i think many people want to go away from SD Card to HDD or SSD Boot up with USB. (I´m one of it)
The actual Image supports no boot from USB, so i have to use Rasberian and Install Octoprint. But manually is it a bugware.
(Locale errors on virtualenv, webcamd not working, many more Handwork.)

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OctoPi 0.17 is buster based already....?

There is also an 0.18 release candidate

.. But don´t boots up from USB..

Have you tried it? 0.18 is based on the latest Raspberry Pi OS

Yes have tryed it, yesterday..

Now i think i will get the Image and put some Files from Rasberian in /boot ant have a look.
(boot4x.elf is not proper working on USB Boot)
(Raspberyy pi 4b 4GB, 256GB USB3 SSD) Bootes up fine with Rasberian latest.

You shouldn't have to transfer specific files, just clone the card to the USB and then select the boot order in raspi config?

Unless I am misunderstanding the process, I read this guide:

edit: I suppose SD card copier might not work on OctoPi, since it doesn't have a desktop installed.

You dont need to do this.
"Flash" the Image direkt to HDD/SSD, you only have to flash the lastes stable Firmware to Raspberry´s Bootloader, and it will boot direktly the Image. So far on Rasberian.
Now i try the latest Octopi Image. Yesterday is says the boot4x.elf is not working for boot up via USB. (Old Image?)

Got it, I understand now.

Let me check when the OctoPi 0.18 image was built. Please use the specific number - it won't work with the latest stable release, but should do on the 0.18 release candidate.

Image is from 20.08.2020, should work. i will try. My installation is Crap, so i can try without tears.

Hmm, looks like it might be based on an image from 2020-08-20, which is stated as the first version on the RPi documentation - so it should work.

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Yes. Thank you, Octopi up and running, now on Rasp 4B 4GB, 256GB SSD via USB 3.

Thats it.

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Is it possible to only copy the sd card to the usb stick/ssd and then it will boot? And second, wich type of formatting do you use on the usb stick/ssd?? Fat 32 or fat32 bootable before copy the sd card?