Upgraded OctoPrint, MQTT plugin no longer publishing

plugin_softwareupdate_console.log shows:
"Successfully uninstalled OctoPrint-MQTT-0.8.9"
"Successfully installed OctoPrint-MQTT-0.8.10"
I'd also installed the "PSU Control - MQTT" and "PSU Control" plugins.

Since then, nothing was published to the broker. I've run a tcpdump, there's zero packets. Uninstall the PSU Control - MQTT plugin and it's back to normal.

@oerkel47 may want to know of this issue.

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Hi. I am the author of that "PSU Control - MQTT" plugin. I have some questions to try and understand the situation.

  • Did it work at a point or did it never work?
  • With the plugin installed all the MQTT communication from octoprint is dead? (but the broker is alive?)
  • Do you have any more MQTT plugins installed?
  • Did you configure the "PSU Control - MQTT" plugin or does it even cause problems with empty settings?

I am also interested in some logs. Can you please install the plugin again and set the logging level for the mqtt plugins to debug and then do something to provoke the incorrect behaviour? Then provide the octoprint.log. Thank you.

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Hi! Sorry, that must have felt like a hit-and-run. I've not gone near the printer for a while for numerous reasons.
I've upgraded to MQTT 0.8.12, PSU Control - MQTT 1.0.2 and PSU Control 1.0.6 and everything is now working.

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