Upgrading Octopi 64-bit Beta 0.18.1 to 1.0.0

I've been running Octopi 64-bit Beta 0.18.1 on my Pi4 8GB and everything is working great. I noticed that there's a distro that's being updated daily for a 64-bit 1.0.0 version of Octopi.

First question, is the 1.0.0 64-bit version an "Official" Octopi version? Second question, if so, should I upgrade to that version from my current beta version?

Thanks in advance!

Both are 'development' builds. 0.18.1 I think is a really old build based on Raspberry Pi OS, from mid 2020. The 1.0.0 is a nightly build, but based on Ubuntu 20.10 (I think?) because the 64 bit OS from RPi foundation is not stable enough still. The ubuntu based one still has some issues but it is definitely not a priority to sort out.

There's little benefit to using the 64 bit build, you are at increased risk of bugs and there is nothing (at least in OctoPrint) to gain from it. But that said, there's nothing stopping you from using it.

Thanks Charlie for your quick response. I think I'll stay with the 0.18.1 Beta since its working just fine on my RPi 4 8GB.