Uploading to the SD Card

Ive seen a few other posts about uploading GCODE to the PI vs the SD card, And although it is slow to upload to the SD card would it be possible to resume a print after a power outage through octoprint if it was uploaded to the SD card?

Ive seen a podcasts about why octoprint doesnt have resume print function, but would it at all be possible if the printer already has this function if you are running the GCODE from the SD card in the printer itself.

Im sure im missing something on this point, other than its slow, that i hope someone can clarify to me.

Thanks in Advance

Yes, if you print from the SD card, then the printer is fully in control and all the things it does like power outage resuming still work.

Because OctoPrint is not in control of the print, it only gets limited information from the printer, so you might find features such as the gcode viewer for example not working, as well as features in plugins that require tracking the printing a bit more closely.

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Uploading to the printer's SD card through OctoPrint is so slow I wouldn't even consider it as the "normal" mode of operation. Sneaker-net is a P.I.T.A but probably faster.