UPS for printer and octopi

Im looking for a good UPS that i can rely on to keep my printer running, i get power blips every day or so, and destroys my prints, so far i have tried the amazon basics $50 UPS and the cyber power SX550 and they both have a slight delay which trips and my printer and reboots it

I'm using a Riello iDialog 800

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Just about any UPS for home use will have a small "blip" as it switches from mains power to battery backup

I use an APC 3000 since the heated bed needs quite a bit of power.
Never had an issue in over 2 years. The switchover from AC to UPS is fast enough that the electronics are not ever bothered.

Run my PC and the printer on that UPS.

Note that the earlier comment about a delay in switching is probably related to cheaper and lower quality UPS hardware and that larger ones intended for electronics do not suffer from that delay.


i just looked that up, dont think its in my price range but looks awsome

If the power blips are quite short, a smaller APC UPS than the 3000 would do. Your printer doesn't draw a lot of power - maximum around 300W (under 3A at 110V, half that on 230V) and typically much less during printing. I have an APC 700. Most APC units do power conditioning, so don't have dropouts when switching to battery.

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yes its just power blips and once in a blue moon a couple seconds

I tried my APC UPS1500 with my newish Ender 5 Plus - it's a no go. I know the current draw is only about 7 amps but the 1500 can't handle it.

The big draw is when first starting the printer and heating both the bed & extruder with both on continuously at the beginning. This is why I selected the large UPS I have.

Running an APC UPS 3000 and an APC UPS 350 with 2 desktop PCs and the printer with an RPi4, 3 monitors, and lights on the printer. Need all of that capacity at times, but normally about 10% load on the larger UPS.

I'll look for a used one - new is out of budget plan.