Use a video stream from another computer

I'm switching from a bigger Pi with two instances of OctoPrint on it to using Pi Zero 2 W systems for each printer. I am expecting to soon have multiple printers - not so many I'd call it a farm, but maybe a few rows of 2-3 printers each.

I'm having some issues with webcams and I'm thinking I could save money, and possibly simplify things if I use a Pi with one webcam to monitor all the printers on each row. This would mean one webcam for 2-3 Pi Zero 2 Ws, each running one printer. From what I see on the configuration page for webcams in OctoPrint, it looks like all I'd have to do is point to the Pi with a webcam and that video stream, which is from a different computer, would still be incorporated into the OctoPrint user interface.

Am I right and can this be done? Is it as simple as it seems it would be to use a camera on another computer for the stream in the OctoPrint web interface?

Yes, I use the full URL to the stream from my Pi devices in my development environment in windows and it works perfectly fine.