Use OctoPrint with Siri and shortcuts with a Raspberry Pi and Node.js


My name is Arturo and I'm an iOS developer from Madrid, Spain :slight_smile:

I have a project and this is:

With this project you will be able to control your 3D printer if you use OctoPrint as a print server with Siri from your iOS, iPadOS, macOS or HomePod using the Apple Shortcuts.

You will need a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint and Node.js installed.

After following my tutorial you will be able to control by voice and Siri your 3D printer.

I hope you like the project, I'm open to all kind of help and modifications.

Thank you very much!

Arturo :slight_smile:


Hola Arturo, Β‘gran trabajo! :+1:

I took the liberty to move this thread into the "Showcase" category :slight_smile:

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Hi foosel! Thank you very much!

Of course it's thanks to your excellent OctoPrint project. Thank you very much!