User Quick Start Guide (in process)

(This is just starting out in an outline form. More shape to come...)


  • Connect to OctoPrint/Pi via web page - octopi.local
  • Upon first entry you may have read-only access.
  • If access control is enabled then you’ll have to log in.
  • Browse around and get familiar with the User Interface.
  • Settings are reached thru the wrench menu up top.
  • Notice documentation link and other info at very bottom of page.
  • Notice that pausing over controls will give a brief description.
  • If printer has not been set up yet you’ll need to do that in the settings.
  • CONNECT to printer prior to LOADING files to it.
  • Upload STL (3d files) or GCODE (3d printing instructions). Note: they upload to the current folder in the FILE pane. Create folders as needed before uploading. There is no move file operation. (yet??)
  • Select icon next to file name to perform operation on it.
  • TRASH CAN deletes the file without warning. (It will warn for a folder delete).
  • STL files can be sliced into GCODE.
  • GCODE files can be downloaded to your computer, edited (with GCODE EDITOR plug-in), LOADED (send to the 3d printer), sent to printer as a job (Load & Print).
  • PRINT files that are already LOADED into the printer.
  • PAUSE the print for various reasons.

Notes: I envision that many of these items will have more extensive descriptions that could be accessed with a pop down (^) like used elsewhere in the docs or perhaps a link to the full blown docs on that feature.