Using a CNC style light in Octoprint

Is there a plugin out there that i can wire to GPIO pins to have it like do this

Red: Print Failed/ Warning
Yellow: Standby
Yellow Flashing: Heating Up
Green Flashing: Printing
Green: Printing Done

I know is kind of useless but it would be cool to add.


There are several plugins that support leds, but not all of them support effects.

For example this one:

With it you can use a mosfet for each LED and control them with M150 gcodes.

Here are some other plugins that support M150 gcodes

There are also plugins that show the printing status without gcode commands like

Then there is also the option to wireless connect to ws281x leds with the help of an esp8266 / esp32

Besides of the first one I don't think that any other plugin supports controlling single leds - they're meant to control a hole led strip. Guess you have to check the documentations.

You could post a feature request on one of the plugins github repos.

Tagging @Charlie_Powell because I think it would be a nice feature in his plugins :slight_smile:
M150 also supports selecting individual leds with M150 I.

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