Using a Nikon A900 instead of a webcam

Maybe it's silly, but I'd like to use a Nikon Coolpix A900 camera instead of a webcam and put it on a movable arm. That way, I can zoom in and out, pan, and scan during the prints. My idea is to put the camera right at bed level in the beginning of the print, then move up as the object grows, with the capability of moving left and right to get differing angles of the object during the print. Any ideas of how to do this? Gphoto2 is not working for this camera, even though the developers added it for me in gphoto2.

You can use a wifi sd card.

You could probably combine David Hunt's timelapse rail kit project with OctoLapse's control of the camera in such a way that you're running a short 2-foot section of rail for the duration of the print.