Using an IP camera has some cool benefits like time lapses without the need for an external light, pretty cool for £21

Using a Tapo C110 and rtsp2mjpg to bring it into Octoprint.

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Is that just black and white or real night vision?
That's impressive

It's an IP camera with IR LEDs

Hi @samster395 ,
I'm trying to do the same with go2rtc (on docker as octoprint) but there is some delay on snapshot capture (1,5 - 2s) even with multicam or timelaps+ plugins... what's your configuration?

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I'm running rtsp2mjpg on docker and just bringing the mjpeg URL into Octoprint.

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Ok, thank you.. I'll try it :+1:t2:

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Ok, good... It works but...
I also use cloudflared and I still can't view the streaming (Octoprint or cloudflare fail?)... Do you have a similar issue?