Using an RPi4 rather then the RPi3

Had lots of weird problems with my E5+ running UFW 2.74a with my RPi3. Just configured an RPi4 and doing a first print with Ocotoprint "Load and Print". What operational differences should I see?

If you setup the Pi4 as your Pi3, there are no differences to see.
Some things are calculated a bit a bit faster. (E.g. PrintTimeGenius).
The system should be a bit more responsive.

so really not much

Thanks - the RP4 made no difference in the oscillating nozzle temps - and I've already tighten the thermistor. Think I'll order an RPi5 to add to my spare systems.

Did you run a PID tune?

Yes - took the best average numbers from 6 passes with C=8. I also just remove the fan cover/BLTouch and the thermistor screw and it's still tight.