Using Keyboard Arrow keys to control X/Y

I may be missing something obvious, but on the control tab, where there are arrows showing the movement of X and Y axis, shouldn't your keyboard arrows perform these functions? My keyboard arrows do not seem to do anything and I have to click the arrow icons with my mouse. similar programs use the keyboard arrows and Pageup/Page Down for the Z axis. Any direction would be appreciated.

You can hover your mouse over the webcam view to enable keyboard controls.

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what if you don't have a webcam setup. I find it odd that I can't disable that part of the UI

The main meaning behind OctoPrint is to monitor your printer remotely - which includes a webcam. :slight_smile:

I would never leave the CNC running unattended. I use the Octopi so that I can access from a tablet without needing to bring my laptop out to the shop or dealing with swapping usb sticks and sd cards, but thanks. I may add one just for fun and octolapse.

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