Using octoprint securely in a makerspace?

Hi all

I wonder what would be the best way to setup a secure printfarm in a makerspace with octoprint. I work at a university and we have some 20-odd printers, but all offline except the formlabs. What would you suggest for a secure system for all of them? Preferably something that (as a start) any authorized user can start a job, but some users are supervisors and can stop any job. Also, a way not to expose it all to the whole net. If there is something half-finished that can be helped out to fix, well, that should also be a possibility.

for public access you'll have to look into one of the third-party plugin options found here. for authentication, there are options for integrating an ldap server with an unlisted plugin assuming the school will allow such interaction. otherwise you'll have to manage each instance separately and configure users/admins.

I guess we could throw a few students at it for a project, wouldn't hurt and hopefully give something back to octoprint :wink:

Have you tried using the built in granular access controls?