Using OctoPrint (with Prusa) with multiple filamens and no plugin

First, I'm aware of the Prusa MMU plugin and have tried it. The problem is it works for MMU2 firmware and I have an MMU3. At this point, it doesn't even see my MMU. So the plugin, for now, is out.

I have a Prusa 3.5 with an MMU3 on it. If I slice a print with multiple filaments and print with OctoPrint, I get a message for each filament change that my printer doesn't support tool changes. What little I've found on OctoPrint with a Prusa MMU always suggests using Prusa Connect or using the plugin in OctoPrint.

Is there a way to tell OctoPrint that my printer can do tool changes and to just send them through "as-is?" I don't need to see the colors in a thumbnail or on OctoPrint in any form or part of the interface, since I've seen them in my slicer. I'd just like to keep using OctoPrint and have it pass the tool change commands through for my printer to deal with.

My guess would be, all you need to do is configure multiple extruders in your printer profile (OctoPrint > Settings > Printer Profiles and there whatever you select on connect) and make sure to click "shared nozzle"