Using Octoprint with SKR Pro v1.1?

I have dispensed with my Gen L and instead I have ordered the SKR Pro v1.1. This is to provide greater power delivery to the TCM2209 drivers for greater speed, perhaps with shrouded, air blown stepper motors? Anybody taken such steps for performance without "magic smoke"? But also twin Z and BL Touch self levelling optical endstops plus sensorless settings for belt & braces. But no provision for cameras? Apparently there is power outage restart but for some reason the manufacturer refuses to send this module to the UK? There is definitely a filament jam and run-out sensor and perhaps last of all, print end auto power off. Well that's the reasoning behind this sudden change of plan. P.s. I forgot the 35ml touchscreen, a Torus v8 extruder with a v8 .3mm ruby lined nozzle. All being sourced via Aliexpress so 14-30 days countdown. Again I have to ask if my design reasoning will be supported by Octoprint? I hope this is supported by Octoprint since this now concerns the simultaneous 12+12 & 24 Volt powered 32 bit Arm CPU SKR Pro v1.1?

You have to define "supported by OctoPrint". OctoPrint itself talks to things that run Marlin, reprap, Repetier and perhaps others. People here could attempt to help you get that initial handshake of OctoPrint connecting to your printer's firmware but they wouldn't have the expertise or time necessarily to go into depth to support anything else you've listed, I'd guess.

My own 3D printer has been mod'd over the two years I've owned it and I'll continue to do so, I'm sure.

There really isn't a one-forum-fits-all venue for answering all questions related to building your own 3D printer from scratch. You'll need to surf the Internet from here to there to eventually get everything in order.

ALSO, please keep this to one thread. This same topic is spilling over to others.

Apology, I mentioned on the original question that this question might now be off topic since I am now talking about the SKR Pro v1.1, the original question was based on the GEN L - but the GEN L is NOT a 32 bit board. It does NOT have multiple similtaneous power supplies and it cannot supply 2.8A of current to the TCM2209 drivers this board can. There is so much misinformation 'out there' that when you have a short period of time to dedicate to researching the design components that will fit your requirements, you find your back against the wall your order list scrubbed and a complete period of 24 hours focused work wasted!!! So I wonder if you noticed my comment on the original post and that you are just pulling my leg? Or whether somebody else has already flamed me for writing off-topic on the original post? To rephrase my question, does this SKR Pro v1.1 run Marlin or RepRap... I have no idea of how Octoprint works, or I have no idea of how 3D printers work and certainly no idea of how this latest 32bit controller board works in comparison to any other group of controllers. Nobody wants to look like they do not know so there is no common sense technical explanation of the data throughput and those applications required for each function depending upon which printer and the advantages of each application?

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Maybe... Marlin FR #14484

If you're looking for printer comparisons or those of different printer controller boards, I think I would visit the Youtube channel space. There are so-called experts who make money doing comparisons and write-ups.

What's unfortunate is that the consumer space for end-user projects here in 3D printing is the "Wild, Wild West" at the moment. Tons of companies local and abroad sell dodgy hardware which is slapped together by dodgy manufacturers and people chasing venture capital and crowd-sourced cash. (Buyer beware)

Thanks for your clear roundup. I can understand all that you are describing in quick terms. I have come here because I have already spent a great deal of time watching who appears to be providing reasonably proficient technical tear-downs of the skr pro v1.1 32 bit arm board after being lead up the garden path by incorrect descriptions of 8 bit cards as 32 bit and complex arduino 32 bit CPU replacement shields. So instead of following enthusiast driven complex paths to oblivion!

I am looking to a mainstream contender backed up by well considered design improvements such as multiple simultaneous power supply rails to ensure the latest TMC2209 drivers can be provided with enough 12V power separately from the board logic, while the heater cartridge(s) and the bed heater can now be run at 24V. This essentially means the issues arising from power spikes and brown outs are removed for the first time by securing a separate logic power supply.

In a word, smart! Plus a much faster development in the public domain aka Octoprint/Marlin because of the removal of spurious error reports based on logic power instabilities. Instabilities that drain the willingness of contributors/developers and kill projects stone dead. I have seen this all too often over the last 30 years (or so) and likely more frequently on crowdsourcing until design principles (at colleges/universities) get that bit smarter? I am confident this SKR Pro v1.1 is the perfect 32 bit mainstream controller board for all affordable, hi-speed and large build volume projects.

The only time I'm confident of any component is when it's part of a printer that's worked for me for over six months flawlessly.

But one has to start with something that opens the necessary possibilities?

Is that just a long way of saying you are never confident of any component?

A bit, yeah. I'm often surprised at the cheapness of manufacturers. It's rare when I seen something and think that it will last. An exception might be those nifty ruby hotend nozzles.

From what I've read, the SKR Pro v1.1 default firmware is Marlin 2.0. This gives it a high probability of working with OctoPrint. Until someone has a board in hand and tries it, we can't say much more.

I am glad I bought a ruby lined nozzle. But it is after all just a combination of aluminium and carbide sand... and all this was created in a supernova or three so we have all had to be patient to take advantage of any of this? Its a funny ole world isn't it?

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I have a skr pro v1.1 on order as above. In the meantime I am setting up Octoprint on a EPiv3b and 3b+ right now with an Aurora Z605 to check all is well. I intend to continue with a third question regarding this Melzi board reprap clone to see what settings have been applied with success. I also want to sell raw kibbled recycled plastics for 3D printers so this too will be tested. You heard it here first.

I have the same configuration, SKR PRO 1.1, TMC2209 UART, marlin 2.0 and it works perfectly with octoprint

Hi Romain, thank you, much appreciated! I will look out for your contributions in future to let you know how I have made it with my own SKR Pro v1.1,

Instructables published a "How to make a bigger 3D printer with a smaller 3D printer" ... or words similar about 4 years ago. So that is the direction I am heading in....

Wishing you all the very best in your future work!