Using Octoprint without active network connection, Hotspot network-connection


Hi there, I'm a happy user of Octoprint for a long time now but I moved in a appartement without internet connection and I'm trying to use octoprint without network connection (over the home network)

Is there any chance to use octoprint without a wlan-router which is connected to the internet?
I mean to use my printer inside my home network which is provided by a wlan-router.

I tried two wlan-routers but maybe wrong. I couldn't find the IP-Adress of my Raspberry (used angry ip-scanner). I used the same method which worked at my parents home just fine.

I now there are some smart people around here so I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

My wish/goal (second):
I'm using my smartphone Hotspot to provide the network in my appartement and maybe there is small chance that I could use a wlan-router which uses my hotspot from my smartphone and then allow my printer/octopi to go online. I could use a second SIM-card but this would cost me an additional fee. There must be some smart ''hacks'' to use a wlan-hotspot (smartphone) to provide a home network with internet connection.

I'm looking forward to discuss any solutions with you people.

Sincerely Chuckonelli


AFAIK, OctoPrint should work just fine without an internet connection.

If you are running OctoPrint using the OctoPi distribution, you would have to configure the WLAN settings (, or the raspberry pi will not get an IP address (and will not be visible using a scanner on your local network).


If your workstation is a Mac, you can share your iPhone's cellular data with your MacBook via wifi, for example, and then share that Internet connectivity via an Ethernet cable to your printer.