Using Win 10 Octoprint; plug in Ender 3 and is only recognised as a removable rive!

Although new to the forum, I've been using Octoprint for a couple of years through a Raspberry Pi with this printer with no issue.
I've now move it to our workshop and want to use a Win 10 mini PC as a server for the Ender 3 and a laser using Lightburn. The laser connects and works fine without issue.

I've successfully installed Octoprint on the PC and it fires up OK, just 'not connected' no matter what I try to date. The PC only recognises plugging in a USB connection from the printer as a removable drive- my virus scanner also reports no issues on the drive....
Any thoughts how I resolve this please? (The Pi is now defunct).


need the ch340 driver probably.

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Yes- thanks for the reply- I had already installed the drivers but it looks like it was the connection on the PC end of the usb cable, even though it was new!