Video and control for wildlife watching

Is Octoprint useable for watching wildlife? I want to have a camera in my garden and watch over the internet and an overseas friend to view also, with camera control.

I use Octoprint at my workplace and think it would be great to use for wildlife.

I would have the camera on a servo and controlled with the camera controls.

My know-how is the control but I don't know how, I have only ever installed a basic OS onto a Raspberry Pi.

A good addition to this would be control of a food release system, allowing a lump of meat to be dispensed or veg, so viewing becomes predictable.

Honestly, no.

There are all kinds of movement-triggered projects for the Raspberry.

example, motion, picamera-motion

But the part about streaming this to the Internet can be a security issue.


it is not movement triggered, it is controlled by the user remotely
I operate our 3D printer, move the bed around, but this plugs in directly into the 3D printer and I want to output variables to a microcontroller, or even as a pwm signal for a servo.
Maybe a home security project is best.

Thank you for the reply