Video stream recording of last minutes before error?

Currently, I have constant crashes with my Prusa MK3s. Hence, I wondered: Is there an easy way to store the video stream as well for error analysis?

Looking in plugins I couldn´t find something. Is there an easy way to achieve this?

Edit: @jneilliii & @OutsourcedGuru I stumbled over your names on several occasions related to the video streaming functionality.

I am a developer myself, but never done any Octoprint plugin development.
If you would like to give me some hints, I might try to build something.


Why not just use the built in timelapse functionality? That's what most people do when troubleshooting print issues.

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One image per layer isn't enough. I'd like to see, what really happened, just before the error occurred.

No one knows when an error occurs.
So you have to record the complete print.

Yes, limiting it to some minutes was just a first idea, to limit the amount of data on the RaspPI.

But thinking about it a bit more, I have to say, I came up with a bit more decoupled "architecture":

  • Octoprint sends out a MQTT message when print starts, including the address of the WebRTC string
  • A server/Docker container/whatever in my local network with a NAS share mounted, reacts to the message and starts to record the stream
  • Finishing the print, Octoprint sends a MQTT again to stop the recording.

I still have to figure out, whether WebRTC can do multicast/broadcast or is just peer to peer. Never done anything with it. But sounds like a fun little project :slight_smile: