Visualizing GCODE files


I'm looking for a solution to visualize GCODE files. I want to create a small image that shows the part that would be created by this GCODE. It can be inaccurate, low quality rendering, but it should allow a user to choose visually the part to be printed. Does anyone know if such a program exists?



I assume as an external viewer on a PC. There is for instance RapR3D Visual GCode Editor.


This repository seems to be browser-based ThreeJS and might work. I'm in a crunch right now working on a proposal for Monday so I can't create any plugins short-term. I may eventually work on that, though.

UPDATE: Having looked through that code, it feels like it would be too much work for me to implement this at this time.


After surveying the available solutions, I came to the conclusion that there's no good solution, so I'm trying to roll my own. I'll update in this thread when there's something to show.


As a follow-up, I managed to do some very interesting things with three.js to dynamically create STL programmatically. During that process, I could render the output HTML5 canvas to PNG. If I can load an existing STL file into the canvas (noting that they just dropped support for CanvasRenderer), this could be easy enough.