Wanting to start over Ceality CR-10S

I am at wits end. My BLTouch continually keeps throwing an error “BLTouch: Error:STOP called because of BLTouch error - restart with M999”

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My request for help.

It is tiring having the same thing keep shutting me down and frankly has given me more than enough headache and lost time trying to overcome. Would it be advisable to reflash everything and start anew? I love this hobby when it is working correctly and hate any downtime when it isn’t. Can’t afford to purchase a better, newer printer at the moment. I just want to have a clean slate and hopefully a working printer. But, I’ve been down several months and just couldn’t bring myself to trying to figure this all over again. Not the most tech savvy and have to start from the beginning to get myself up to speed as to where I am in the process of elimination. I have a new BL Touch and just haven’t brought myself to swapping it out. Since, it wasn’t the equipment last time and the problem wasn’t fixed in the same manner.

I’m just really frustrated and venting but feel like it would be best to wipe it clean and start over. I’ve upgraded to a micro swiss direct drive extruder and had some nice jobs up until this last error. I just don’t know what to do. Someone want to come by and straighten this thing out for me?

What say you community at octoprint?

You may take a better firmware according to the printer board: