Web page support to show multiple cameras on a single page

I am looking to support an optional web page that could show 2 cameras in equal size or even overlapping if needed.

I made a plugin for that. It doesn't handle the actual multiple streams, but does allow you to configure as many streams as your want.

I already have a github account and will look into this later today.
Thank you.

There's also the multicam plugin on the plugin repo that will allow you to swap between webcam streams from from the control tab. It works well, but mine supports a few more various types of camera access, ie h264 streams, embedded html iframes, or the mjpgstreamer streams via image tags. It's not very refined and is partly the reason I haven't published it on the official repo.

I am already using the multicam plugin. I just want to be able to see both cameras in a large image on the same page.

Yeah, mine does that.