Webcam and icon in OctoDash

Some questions about OctoDash that I haven't found a solution to:

  • How do I get a preview of what is being printed with .gcode files? (Using Ender 3 Pro so guess that .ufp files are not usable?)

  • Is it possible to make the camera from Octopi available in OctoDash?

  • Anyone have tips on plugins that can be got into OctoDash for a nicer / more functional view?

  • Anyone have developed any themes they like to share? I've tried these so far:

If you're uploading ufp files then my Cura Thumbnails plugin will allow OctoDash to see the images of those files.

Cool, thank you! Was not sure the Ender 3 could handle .ufp-files. Going to try it later today, thanks again :slight_smile:

Yeah, the plugin basically unzips the ufp file format (it's just a zip file) on upload to OctoPrint, strips out the thumbnail image and saves it and then saves the gcode file to print. If you're using the OctoPrint Connection plugin installed in Cura to send your files directly to OctoPrint then it will detect the plugin installed and automatically upload the correct format for you.

So thankful for your help regarding the plugin and .ufp-files, the thumbnail showed up right away. Wasn't able to send files over from Cura to Octopi but my guess is that I tried to start the print right away and that it might crashes due to Octolapse running? Not sure.

Here is my modified version of the theme Focus if anyone would like to use or remix it. The font is being fetched from Googles web font: [](https://custom-styles.css [focus remix])