Webcam delay on octoprint


Hey, have been using octoprint doing good, but it seems my webcam stream is delayed like 4-5 seconds, is it possible to find out the delay time and the cause of this?


You'd probably want to include more information here (especially which model of Raspi you're using, what brand of webcam, number of plugins you have installed, whether or not you're using OctoLapse).

I note that on my printer (Raspberry Pi 3B with the Raspberry Pi NoIR v2 ribbon-based webcam) I get the same delay usually. But I load down my Raspi with the PIXEL Desktop and Conky scripts for days so I'm likely shooting myself in the foot in that regard.


I'm using Raspberry PI Model 3B and Raspberry Pi 5MP Camera Board Module 500W Pixels AF30, i havent installed any plugins yet and i think i'm not using the octolapse since i never touched it. Accessing my octoprint from google chrome from my laptop.


Okay, the Raspi has plenty of processing power (four cores). I think a small delay is what is to be expected (unless you drop down the resolution). If you did that, it would likely be closer to reality.


Okay thanks for the advice, and maybe kinda stupid but how to change the resolution of my Raspi camera, is there a guide for this?


How can I change mjpg_streamer parameters on OctoPi?