Webcam Iframe plugin - why?

There is new plugin in the repos called Webcam Iframe

I don't get why would you use it so if someone has some cool usecase please share it.

I was wondering about this as well. I don't know why - maybe it's so that you could embed the iframe to somewhere else e.g. a webpage? Or maybe to allow multiple cameras more easily?

Normally the webcam integration is limited to mjpg streams embedded in an img tag. This plugin allows to embed arbitrary stream formats, even twitch or youtube links.

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I'm just not getting the benefit or usecase of having yourube or twich stream in octoprint tab, but this intriguing because I could probably learn something from this...

There are cameras that output video streams other than mjpg. For example, see for a discussion of a couple of those.

The use cases provided above is exactly why I made this plugin, to allow for other non-mjpg streams to be able to be embedded, ie h264 video from an IP camera.


If it isn't something you would use, don't install it. Pretty simple

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