Webcam not capturing during prints in Octolapse

Awesome, thanks! I will take a look at this ASAP, but it might take me a few days. It seems a LOT of ppl have gotten 3d printers for the various holidays, and I'm receiving issues at an extremely high rate. Ping me if you haven't heard back within a week, especially since it's difficult to track issues that aren't in github.

Sounds good!
I was told @OutsourcedGuru uses a Robo 3D r1 printer. Perhaps he can provide some insight.
Also, here is the original .stl file, not sure if that is something that could be useful to have.

Just touching base to see if you have tried trouble shooting this issue.

Thanks !!!

@joeyshanks, I have not yet, but it's on my list :slight_smile: