Webcamstreamer docker ffmpeg image x86



I installed the webcamstreamer plugin and ran threw the complete setup howto.

But I can't get it to stream to YT.
Octoprnt throws: NoneType' object has no attribute 'containers'

The plugin uses docker and when I try to run the image from adilinden locally, it throws: standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused "exec format error"

By searching google I found out that this implies I run the image on the wrong architecture. Which could be right. Adi created it for the Pi and I'm running it on X86-64.

So how can I circumvent it to get ffmpeg running whithout docker or could someone point me out how to create a dockerimage with ffmpeg and in the same format as Adi did?

I'm fairly new to docker, 8print, and 3d printing but I would like to get this going rather the easy way then to get really dirty. :wink:

It would be nice to get this working.



In theory, you could build your own docker container that references a working ffmpeg container for your architecture (or build your own). The items to look at specifically are the container that the plugin talks to and the docker image that has ffmpeg built in that the rpi-stream container references.

Maybe something like this...


So I've done a little experiment and have yet to be able to test, but this in theory should work. If you clone the below repository and then build the docker image then in the webcamstreamer plugin, set the docker image name to the one you use when you build (jneilliii/ubuntu-stream if you use the commands below) then it might work...

git clone
cd docker-ubuntu-stream
docker build -t jneilliii/ubuntu-stream .


So I can confirm that this did work for me. I was able to build that docker image in windows environment and use the above container to stream with. I did have to manually pip install pypiwin32 for npipe support for the webcamstreamer plugin to work properly.