Webscraping and Crosssitedevelopment

I want to automate my Printers. My thought is that you could through webscraping automatically print. This would be awesome beacause I could make my Website automatically print when someone orders a 3D-print. For example you make a website that contacts a API which then sends and uploads files to octoprint. Which then get printed. Of course everything must be save, as there should be not exploit. Just my thoughts...
Other than that it is awesome.

Autodrop3D with the plugin I developed for them will do this for you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

But I want to host my on Website. For example I want to make a Api call which then calls octoprint and starts. Which Plugins would I need then???
I am new here. Sorry :slight_smile:

If you're doing it from your own web server you don't need a plugin at all. What you want to look into is the OctoPrint API directly, unless the octoprint and web server are not in the same network. File operations β€” OctoPrint master documentation.

I am using a strato hosted Webserver. I want fo example then webscrape via
php or python. Surely I have to configure my Router with a DynDNS. Do you have any suggestions?
I have a online STLViewer which then should upload the file to the webserver and then transfer it to my octoprint and print it.
Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

You might want to check out this post...

Okay thanks. I think that ist the same problem. If there would be any cloud based slicer which then would use a API to connect. I have been looking for a slicer onlin but wasnt able to find anything. I think we need to focus more on Webseervice and online Slicers. Thank you so much for the help .

kiri:moto is a pretty good online/in-browser based slicer that you might want to look into.

https://icesl.loria.fr/slicecrafter/ is another online slicer.

Sure thing. But they dont have a web based API yet. I can't request and slice using php or javascript for example. They are very good but I can't see any functionality being used on a REST API or else. I want to make a javascript file for example which requests the slicer online and slices the file with the preferred settings, submitted via json. And then store it on the Webserver. After that whole progress, it should call a function which then checks and uploads the file to octoprint and automatically prints it.

I tried Webscraping octoprint with Python which was successful. But Then I need a Webdriver on the Webserver. Which I don't think is going to work.

Is there any tutorials for the REST API or the javascript API?
Because I am not a developer. I know something but I dont know how to exactly implement the API.
Thanks :slight_smile:

no tutorials, but the API itself is documented very well at the link below. How you program to interface with the API will be dependent on the programming language, etc. that you choose to implement it in.


Okay, thank you for all the help. The API is doing it just fine :).
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