Weird webcam server type issues w/ Octolapse

My webcam stream is visible in Control and the Octolapse Webcam Setup tests check out. When, however, I try to edit Custom Image Preferences, I get the following error:

Unable To Enable Custom Preferencesunknown-server-type: An unknown webcam server type 'Werkzeug/0.15.6 Python/2.7.13' is being used for the 'piCam' camera profile. Currently only MJPEGStreamer is supported. Unable to apply custom image preferences.

I'm suspicious this may be Octoprint Anywhere's doing because when I disable OA, I no longer see anything from the webcam; the webcam is only ever operational with Octoprint Anywhere installed and active.

How can I specify my webcam server type so that I can get the best Octolapses? Thanks.

@mikejkelley, I believe Octoprint Anywhere uses its own built-in server, which does not support the mjpegstreamer control.htm page, unfortunately. If you want to use the custom image preferences, you'll need to use mjpgstreamer.