Wemo Testers Needed

I forked my TPLinkSmartplug plugin to be able to control Wemo switches/plugs. Would love to get some people with actual Wemo devices to test it out for me as I developed it utilizing a Wemo emulated tasmota device. Would like to know if it works as well for the real thing as it does for my emulated one and work out any bugs prior to release to plugin repository. Install using the below URL in Plugin Manager and report back here if interested. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Thank you for forking it, I have wemo switches and two months ago and was looking for a wemo version of the plugin. Found your TPLINK one, and now I see your fork. Downloading it now and testing!

Okay, so my first attempts run was not successful. I have two printers hooked up to two different Wemo Insights and configured the IP Addresses, in two separate raspberry Pi's running Octoprint. The symptoms of both unsuccessful runs have the lightning bolt just spinning but nothing happening. I did turn on debug logging for both. I'll move the discussion to GitHub for collaboration.

Thanks to @TallDonkey for being my guinea pig I have just submitted a PR to the plugin repository for the Wemo Switch plugin.

Hi jneilliii, I've setup a wemo with my printer but I'm having trouble making it turn off after a print, there is no name option to give the plug in the settings anymore. also I was wondering if you could make it so that theres a tickbox on next to the print pause cancel buttons that says something like "shutdown after finished", meaning I could start a print and tick a box then when the print finishes, octoprint triggers the wemo to turn off.
The reason that I ask is i'd like to turn off the printer after a print but not after every print

Can you please elaborate, possibly with a screenshot?

I was trying to set it up so that I can turn everything off once the print is finished but you can only set an IP and not a name so I’m not sure how to use that in gcode. But then I thought more about it and thought having a tick box shutdown would be better

Also I tried to add a different icon. A plug and it didn’t work

See the readme on github fit gcode command description. If you use my plugin in conjunction with shutdown printer plugin you can have the checkbox idea.

That works great, combining them two gives me the shutdown ability I was looking for.
Its nice to not just shutdown the pi but everything.

Thank you!

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I'm looking for some help setting up a wemo using your plugin but am new to this. I have it working in the nav bar and connecting but want to have it tell the wemo to turn off after the print is completed. I checked auto disconnect but it didnt turn off the switch. Can you help get me to where I would like to be?

For now you'd have to use the gcode trigger option and then add the M81 command to your end gcode script in your slicer or on print complete in octoprint's gcode settings section.