What are some of the recommended plugins for my case?

Hi, I just got my Octoprint installed on my Pi4 with a Logitech C920x camera. A LCD touch screen will arrive next week. The main things I want to do are: 1. Send the gcode files from my PC to the Prusa i3 MK3s directly without running back and forth between rooms with the sd card. 2. Monitor the printing remotely. 3. Take cool looking videos. 4. Get notifications once a print job is done. 5. Use the touch screen to replace the functionalities of the LCD screen and dial that came with the i3 MK3s.

So far, I am thinking of installing plugins like Octolapse, OctoPrint-Dashboard, TouchUI and SMS Notifier. Is there other plugins that would be good to have?

If you have a MK3 and PrusaSlicer, you can establish a connection with PrusaSlicer to OctoPrint, so that PrusaSlicer can send the generated GCODE file directly to OctoPrint.
At PrusaSlicer have a look at Printer settings -> General -> Print Host upload.
You get the API from OctoPrint from OctoPrint Settings -> API.

So, in this case, it's all included.