What are the Must have Plugins?

First , thank you for letting me join your forum.

At 71, things of a technical nature , like 3D printers and Octoprint dont sink in as quick as they did when
I was younger , but having said that . my Octoprint setup worked first go on my CR10S-Pro so that was a
pleasant suprise. I think it was more to do with the clear setup instructions than my technical expertise.

I have often seen time lapse vids of 3D printers who's prints appear to magically rise out of the bed with
no sign of the hot end flying about. I worked out that was Octolapse. Even bigger suprise, that installed and worked fine on the first attempt too.( I must be on a roll )
Now I know there are dozens / hundreds of plugins I could install but is there a
list anywhere of beginners must have cant do without plugins.
As a newbie I havent found out which pluggins are best for the experts that I will never need .
Which are good and I could use but you can do without till your more experienced .
And of course those that every one needs just to make their enjoyment of Octoprint even better.

So does anyone know of such a list

Stay safe and happy new year , dont get too drunk tonight


There's the "Top" lists on the plugin repo on the right https://plugins.octoprint.org/. I personally think PrintTimeGenius is a must-have for all installs for sure. Of course, as a developer of the most plugins, any of mine are also recommended (joke).

Really it boils down to one of those situations where as you gain experience you may ask why can't I do "this", then you check the plugin repo for something that meets that need.


Yep, the only people you've got replies from so far will recommend their own...

:point_up: this one's cool. I also have a couple more, but they are more specialised. Connecting LEDs to the Pi etc. Marlin EEPROM editor is more of a cool UI that has some usefulness, and I think everyone should use it. But with that, I would be biased :wink:

My personal top recommendations are:

  • Thumbnails - Prusa or Cura, I like either of these.
  • Arc Welder is cool, but only if your firmware supports it
  • Preheat button - one of the smallest yet most useful plugins for me in the days of manual bed levelling.
  • Bed level visualiser - if you have an ABL system.
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Granted for EEPROM editor your firmware has to support EEPROM settings. You can test by typing M501 in the terminal tab and clicking send and see what's returned. If a bunch of info is returned then your firmware supports it. And as you mentioned, same goes for arc welder, firmware has to support the G2/G3 commands.

Thanks for the recommendations on the other three of my plugins Charlie, the thumbnail ones are beneficial for the everyday user for sure.

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Hey what about my plugin: UI Customizer

I think my plugin adds alot of the core functionallity thats need for the UI :slight_smile:


lol, I didn't leave you out intentionally...

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Thanks all for the replies, I shall go and check them all out.

what a nice friendly and helpful group this is


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I use the OctoPrint-Enclosure plugin extensively to monitor the temp and humidity in my enclosure and filament cabinet. I also use it for fan and lighting control in the enclosure.

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I miss filament manager. It kept pretty good track of filament used in each roll and would warn you if the current job required more than the roll had.

That plugin was adopted and is actively maintained again.

Does it work with the current Octoprint version yet?

I do not know, but @OllisGit would for sure since he adopted it. Of course he also wrote the SpoolManager plugin which I believe has some similar features.

My must have list of plugins:

  • PrintTimeGenius Plugin[PrintTimeGenius] v2.2.7
  • Fix CBD Firmware Plugin[fixcbdfirmware] v0.3.0
  • Autoselect Plugin[autoselect] v0.3.0
  • PSU Control[psucontrol] v0.1.10
  • Navbar Temperature Plugin[navbartemp] v0.14
  • Printoid Plugin[printoid] v1.0.2
  • UI Customizer[uicustomizer] v0.1.2.3 :slight_smile:

man I feel slighted...

Well I don't have anything fancy printers.

I have alot of plugins installed but I don't use them .

PS love your work :beer::beer:


I like and use:

Thanks everyone for your sugestions . So far I have installed Navbar Temp which is great because
I can check the temps no matter which octoprint tab I have open and I also installed PrintTimeGenius
but I am on my first print since installing it and I believe it uses past prints to improve its estimate so I need
to run a few prints till it improves

Once again thank you all for your help. I am sure I will need to ask for it again before too long

Stay safe


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My favorites are, in no particular order:

  • PrintTimeGenius
  • Themeify
  • UI Customizer
  • Cost Estimation
  • Filament Manager


Try: GitHub - LazeMSS/OctoPrint-TopTemp: Topbar temperature plugin for OctoPrint :slight_smile: