What are you working on this happy Pi Day?

Me, I'm continuing to work up the new Black Pearl—themed 10" TFT interface for my Robo C2 printer. I'm doing the temperature graph in Kivy while the change filament wizard screen is running.

  • Yanked the original 2.8" resistive touch TFT screen and its holder from the front of the facade, removing that 40-pin ribbon cable that was blocking my ability to tweak this thing
  • This then allows a pass-through for the (HDMI/input) cabling to the 10.1" SunFounder capacitive TFT screen to live out in front; it also allows more waste heat to escape, cooling the 3B faster
  • Added a C4Labs.com Zebra case with fan to the Pi3B inside
  • Added a nifty TP-Link HS300 powerstrip to my desk and ran a power line over to an IKEA KOPPLA 3-outlet strip for the printer's needs
  • Added @jneilliii's beta version of his TP-Link plugin to manage that
  • Added speakers and a sound-event mod; doing some modifications to the back of the printer for some pass-through back there
  • Disabled the really terrible filament-runout sensor at the back of the printer
  • Added a dual-monitor table stand and designed two filament spool holders
  • Added a new bracket mount for the second bowden extruder (TBD)
  • Added a filament conditioning assembly (adding canola oil to the usually-dry filament)
  • Added manual print bed leveling system
  • Removed all of Robo 3D's code (except their old firmware)
  • Added a webcam of course
  • Added BuildTak to the print bed
  • Creating a second overhaul interface to the TFT (former was Conky-based); the new one is the split-HMI system I talked about earlier
  • Parked the filament movement detection I've been working on; decided to retire that for a bit since the filament conditioner is working nicely
  • Created a foam door insert for normalizing temperature gradients across the print bed's surface
  • Added cantilever stability to the print bed platform
  • Added an APC brand UPS
  • Retired the Alexa Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Alexa-based J.A.R.V.I.S. interface with octo-proxy since I really don't trust Amazon these days
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