What do we think of the balenaFin board?

It appears to be like the Pi3B with tweaks. At US$200 for the developer's kit, it seems okay I guess... 12V @ 1.5A adapter, PoE, rtc, battery socket, 5GHz wifi, 6-24V input power, nanoSIM socket, eMMC Class 5.1, external wifi antenna (included with kit), two fuses (power in and hat), etc...

for $199, I'd say no. The Pi Compute module is way overpriced considering it is basically the Pi without the GPIO break out, wifi etc... It's like a Pi Zero with the Pi 3 SOC.

True, but the board presents the GPIO pins. In theory, then, you can replace the compute module with another for an upgrade. Since I'm working on stuff like this, the idea of all this board might be a good idea. By bypassing the microUSB connection, you're free to bring in some real power to it. You can leave behind the microSD for something a little more long-term.

and don't forget the dual camera support :slight_smile:

I like it but it's too expensive for myself

Btw a Jetson Nano comes in a similar kit

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Beagle Bone Ai is also an alternative


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